We present you the all-terrain vehicle that will impress everyone with its off-road performance! It is based on developments of defence and security vehicles design and we are focusing to use this outstanding vehicle for the security force and remote and mobility services..

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Horse Power
Mph Speed
LB Capacity
Clearance (Inch)

Conquers the hardest terrain with SHERP

Pneumociculating suspension is a unique patended solution that ensures smooth and even movement of the ATC on any surface. Sherp ATV is extremly light weight, this contributes to the increased cross-country capability and ease of transportation.

Yes, it’s floating

Each SHERP tire has a volume of about 800 liters (210 gal). The total volume of the wheels gives a displacement of more than 3,200 kg (7000 lbs). This allows the SHERP to move along the water, and the hermetic body prevents water from entering the compartment. Therefore, the SHERP remains afloat even with zero tire pressure or without all 4 wheels.

Turning mechanism

The friction mechanism employed by SHERP makes turning easier. It is equipped with hydraulic steering system, so less driver efforts are needed when maneuvering. The turning mechanism is reliable and simple.

Tubeless ultra-low pressure tires

SHERP ATV tires are patented as well. They are tubeless, and ultra-low pressure and special tread pattern make them perfect for overcoming any obstacle. The reliability of tires is achieved through the use of high-quality materials (special-composition rubber and cord) and advanced production technologies.

Skid Steering

The ATV is able to turn around almost on the spot. This maneuverability is extremely important in the wild, where each centimeter can be crucial.

Nothing will stop moving

Travels on any surface, floats, passes through and ice, snow, swamps, easily overcomes fallen trees and boulders

Spacious !

The unfolding flooring allows increasing the number of full-size beds up to four. Beds can be easily prepared in just a few seconds. Benches in the cargo/passenger section are made of high-quality wear-resistant material. They are removable, and can be used as an additional storage space.


SHERP has  58 L (15.3 gal) fuel tanks integrated in each of the wheel disks. When all four tanks are full, total fuel capacity increases by 232 L (61.2 gal), while the internal compartment of the ATV remains available and can be used to store supplies, tools, equipment etc.

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