Functional all-terrain trailer

A functional all-terrain trailer was developed by a team of design engineers to increase the usable capacity for the purpose of placing oversized cargo outside the body of an all-terrain vehicle, which in turn is very convenient for the driver and passengers


Safes are a convenient and viable option.  They can be used both to store the necessary things, and for a table, a bench, a dock. Safes are equipped with locks and handles for easy transportation.


A unique trailer developed for the transportation of SHERP ATV. It takes just a few seconds to load SHERP on the trailer.

Backup Battary

A leisure battery connected via a split charging system (SCS) provides stand-by supply A leisure battery of high quality is installed in the SHERP, which is connected via a split charging system. It meets all world standards of quality and safety. This hardware is maintenance-free for its entire service life and its two flame-suppressing filters prevent sparks entering inside.

Rear View Camara

The rear view camera is a useful and viable option. It makes the control of the SHERP even more comfortable and safe. A wireless signal transmits an image to a display located on a dashboard. If you have a camera, reversing or avoiding obstacles will not cause you any difficulties.

LED low/high beams

A unique trailer developed for the transportation of SHERP ATV. It takes just a few seconds to load SHERP on the trailer.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Fuel cans which are mounted into the wheel increases the fuel endurance by a vast amount, without any interference with the vehicles internal space. The cans in all four wheels increase the fuel reserve availability significantly

Studded Tires

The studded tires are specially developed for intensive SHERP operation in wintertime. Such tires increase the off road vehicles performance significantly and facilitate getting out of water onto the ice. Moreover, they facilitate SHERP driving on the ice and ice slopes

Boat-Type Sleds

The boat is made of a hardwearing polymer material capable of withstanding severe frost. Specially designed system provides reliable fastening and protection of goods. The nylon fabric CORDURA in its base is famous for its threads with polyurethane coating and water-repellent impregnation. The Sherp boat-type sled is specially designed so it can be transported on one trailer with the SHERP ATV. Delivery set includes a special tow hitch equipped with a cushioning mechanism, which securely attach the boat-type sled to the Sherp